Terms of Service

KHLES is an online platform to connect students with experts around the world. Students can utilize the platform to request help or assistance from experts. Experts can provide assistance for students and make money from their knowledge and experience.

If you are using the KHLES platform, you completely agree with the KHLES terms of service. If you disagree with these terms of service or any part of it, you must not use the KHLES platform.

This terms of service might be changed at any time. Users must visit this page periodically to check for any changes.

Register as an Expert

  • Experts must supply accurate and complete information when registering.
  • KHLES may request official documents to verify the accuracy of the supplied information.
  • The expert must be registered as an individual and not as a company, institution, etc.
  • The expert must protect their password’s confidentiality and not share it with another party. In case of any hacking suspicion on the expert’s account, they must contact the KHLES team immediately.

Submit Offer

  • The expert must only submit offers to orders where they believe that they can deliver the work as per the client’s requests and expectations.
  • KHLES Expert’s Fees will be deducted from the total quote of the offer and the expert must not ask clients to pay these fees.
  • Minimum offer quote is 50 QAR.

Invite Expert

  • The client will be able to invite any expert on the KHLES platform to participate and submit a quote to their order. The invited expert will have the option to either submit their offer or not.

Chats & Conversations

  • Users within the KHLES platform must treat each other with respect, regardless of their culture, ethics, race, religion, etc.
  • Users must not share any personal or confidential information. Sharing any information is the user’s responsibility.
  • Users must not share their personal email addresses and mobiles numbers with each other.
  • All communications must be within the KHLES platform. Users must not establish any communication using outside channels.
  • Users must not agree to process any payments outside KHLES platform.

Award Order

  • It is the client’s responsibility to award the order to the best bidder. If the client is not satisfied with any bidder, they can mark the order as cancelled.
  • Once the order is awarded, the client’s payment will be held with the KHLES team. The payment will be released to the expert once the order is successfully completed.
  • Once the order is awarded by the client, the award process cannot be reversed.
  • The KHLES team are not responsible for the quality of the work, accuracy of the information, authenticity of the work, etc.

Complete Order

  • Once the client is satisfied with the expert’s work, the client must mark the order as completed. Once the project is marked as completed, the payment will be released from the KHLES team to the expert.

Post Order

  • Client must supply as much accurate and clear information when posting an order in order to get the best results.
  • Client must not post duplicate orders.
  • Client must not submit fake or spam orders.
  • Client must not share either their order ID and email address as they are used as login details to the order’s control page.
  • Open orders will be available for bidding and awarding for a maximum of 60 days. After that, they will automatically be marked as cancelled.

Processing Fees

  • Client will pay a processing fee of 5% of the offer’s quote while awarding the order.
  • A processing fee of 15% of the offer’s quote will be deducted from the expert once the project is completed.


  • Both the client and expert must communicate within the KHLES platform using the conversation feature within the order’s details page and try to resolve any issues in a friendly way. Once the issue is resolved, the disputer party can choose to resolve the dispute from the order’s details page.
  • If both parties couldn’t resolve their issues in a friendly way, the disputed party can acknowledge the dispute and submit his justifications. In this case, the dispute will be officially submitted to the KHLES team.
  • Once the dispute is submitted to the KHLES team, a decision will be made by the KHLES team within 10 days; it will be final, irreversible and implicitly accepted by both parties, the expert and client.
  • The dispute decision will be one of the following:
    • A total refund to the client, excluding the 5% client processing fee, and marking the order as cancelled.
    • Full payment to the expert and marking the order as completed.
  • A dispute must be either resolved or acknowledged within 96 hours (4 days). If not, one of the following actions will be triggered automatically:
    • If the disputer is the client, a total refund to the client, excluding the 5% client processing fee, and marking the order as cancelled.
    • If the disputer is the expert, a full payment to the expert and marking the order as completed.

Money Withdrawals

  • Experts can send a money withdrawal request for a total amount no less than 50 QAR per each withdrawal request.
  • The KHLES team will process the money withdrawal request within 10 days.

Client & Expert Rights Protection

  • The KHLES team will make sure that the order will only be awarded to an expert after the money is received by the client. The KHLES team will hold the money until the project is either completed or cancelled.
  • The KHLES team will only release the money to the expert after the client is satisfied with the work delivered and marks the order as completed.
  • The KHLES team will do their very best to protect your rights on the KHLES platform.

Block Offer, Order & User

  • The KHLES team can block an offer, order and user if they see it is negatively affecting the KHLES platform in any way without any further notice.

Age Restriction

  • Users who are using the KHLES services must be over 18 years.


  • The only currency on the KHLES platform is Qatari Riyal (QAR).

Payments Methods

  • Users must check the accepted payment methods in KHLES and ensure they can process a payment, when required, using one of these accepted methods of payments.


  • The KHLES team is not responsible in any way for any kind of loss or damage resulting from usage of the KHLES platform.