Farag Omar

Joined: 10th December 2017


Current Title: Specialist in agricultural applications and soils Email: Faragomar25@yahoo.com, faragomar25@outlook.com Language Skills Arabic (Native language), English (very good) Academic Degrees 2017 M. Sc Degree in Soil Sciences, 2017 Obtained from: the Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Soil and water, Benha University, Egypt. Title: “A study on soil and water resources in Halaib and Shalatien area using optical and radar remote sensing and GIS techniques”. 2011 B.Sc. Degree in Agricultural Engineering with “Very Good” (2011), Agricultural Engineering Department- Faculty of Agriculture - Benha University, Egypt. Participation in International Conferences and Workshops 2017 The NASA Land Information System (LIS): workshop for Egypt land applications. Held in Cairo, Egypt from August, 6th- 10th, 2017 2016 ISNET/NARSS Workshop on “Earth Remote Sensing with Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR). Held on NARSS, Cairo, Egypt. 27/11-1/12/2016 2016 Planet Labs Interactive Workshop. Held at NARSS, Cairo, Egypt. 14-15 June 2016. 2016 The 4th International ASD Users Meeting in Middle East “ Analytical Spectrum Devices (ASD) Spectroradiometer”. Held at NARSS, Cairo, Egypt. 19th -20th of April 2016. Professional Training Courses 2014 Training course on: “Radar Polarimitry” held at NARSS, Cairo, Egypt in the period from 7-11 December 2014. 2014 Training course on “Geology of Egypt” held at NARSS, Cairo, Egypt in the period from 21/9- 1/10/2014 2013 Training course on: “Fundamentals of Remote Sensing (RS1)” held at NARSS, Cairo, Egypt in the period from 8 -12/9/2013. 2012 Training course on: “Fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems (GIS1)” held at NARSS, Cairo, Egypt in the period from 2- 6/12/2012. Contribution in Projects Probability of Water Resources at Central Eastern Desert, Egypt by Using Geographic Information System, Remote Sensing and Watershed Modeling System, 2016. Production of an Atlas for Hydrogeological Maps of the Southwestern Desert Egypt. A research Project Funded by Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT), 2015-2016. Planning for the Sustainable Development of Halaib-Shalatin Area, South Eastern Desert, Using RS and GIS. A research Project Funded by NARSS, 2015. Optimum Water and Landuse Planning Based on Natural Resources In Some Areas At Northern Part of Western Desert By Using GIS and RS, 2014. Geospatial Information System for Land Management in Sinai Peninsula: WP2 Water Resources Potentiality. A Research Project Funded by NARSS, 250 pp, 2013. Publications 1- Farag O. Hassan, Ali A. Abdel Salam, Heba S. A. Rashed and Abdallah M. Faid. Land evaluation and suitability of Hala’ib and Shalateen region, Egypt, by integrated use of GIS and remote sensing techniques. J. Annals of Agric. Sci., Moshtohor, Vol. 55(1), (2017),


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