Mohammad Allam

انضم في: 9th December 2017

النبذة الشخصية

I am graduated from the faculty of veterinary medicine 2004. I earn my graphic design skills as a self-learner in the last 26 months. I have a solid knowledge of different pathways. For example, I am a seller & marketer with an experience for about 7 years (including advanced marketing and selling skills). I am a manager with an experience of 4 years in managing my own pharmacy. I am a theater director with nearly a 12 year of experience with more than 13 play and a lot of prizes. I am a web developer & UX designer with certified knowledge in Html 5 ,CSS , JavaScript & WordPress(you can check my own website here >>> http://memix.cf). I am a motion/graphic designer with academic course certifications from the California Institute of Arts(for a record of my certifications look under the certification section). I am a freelancer and online educator with a proven record of high-quality course material and high-level teaching skills(you can check my courses on youtube here >> https://www.youtube.com/c/MohammadAllamMEMIX). At last, I can just call my self a multipotentialite (if you do not know what does it mean check this video >> https://www.ted.com/talks/emilie_wapnick_why_some_of_us_don_t_have_one_true_calling)


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